• Why buying electricity while we can generate our own and sell it?

    -Reduce electricity bill by producing electricity using sunlight

    -Generate income by selling excessive power to energy retailers

  • Why exhausting fossil fuel and heating up the planet for energy while we can simply use the sunlight?

    -Save the planet by using renewable energy with no CO2 emission

    -An astonishing return on investment

Why choose us

Tier 1 Solar panels and Inverters with best price guarantee

Every component of your solar system has been strictly assessed and only premium quality products are selected by Sun Station.

Australia Warranty

All our products come with 25-year performance warranty and leading 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Sun Station will only use CEC (Clean Energy Council) Accredited electricians to install CEC approved solar systems. We promise every aspect of the rooftop job will be done right the first time.

Value for Money

As a customer, you are making a long term investment in solar panels. We ensure our products are offered at competitive market price while customers are getting nothing short of quality. Our customers are dealing with products that are worth the investment given their performance, durability and longevity.

Have it all done in one place

Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. Our solar expert can guide you through from concept, planning to government rebate application, installation and ongoing support. The process is easy and stress free. Strong personalised care and comprehensive after-sales service are our keys to beat the market.

Our Service Guarantee

FREE initial consultation - we have solar experts here to run you through all available options based on your roof types, surroundings and energy consumption levels. A tailored and budgeted solar plan will be designed to maximize your return on investment.

About Us

We are an Australian based solar system provider with extensive knowledge and expertise regarding solar PV panels and systems. We also have long and strong relationships with our varied suppliers, insuring us product quality and price advantage.

We focus on offering the best quality products and customised solar systems to individual customers and local communities. Our goal is to be objective, informative, and educational to help choosing and installing the most suitable system with the best quality and value.

Our vision is to empower people to live long and prosper. Therefore, we carry the mission of promoting solar to encourage using renewable energy, reducing CO2 emission, and being environmental friendly.

Solar made your own electricity. Sun Station made life better.

About Solar

The impacts of Global Warming continue to intensify in recent years – rising seas, growing wildfire risks and frequent destructive hurricanes have thrown the future of our planet into real questions.

Solar energy is clearly an effective way to mitigate global warming by reducing our reliance on dirty energies and greenhouse gas emissions.

Every use of solar power is directly offsetting your household power usage. Any unused power your solar system generates can be sold back to the grid under the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) policy.

Solar made your own electricity. Sun Station made life better.


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